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The rule of the life of the Jesolites has a strict interpretation of the code of canon law, with theological basis and traditions of the Fathers of the Church. The members are to observe the statue, the customs of the models with simplicity of as; we imitate Christ whom the Jesolites gaze upon and contemplate what we have seen him do. We are radical for Jesus, anything contrary in the life of the Church must be derogated and abolish absolutely (c. 18) however, we shall apply the life with strict interpretation of the motu proprio as the advance of the time unfold. The rule will established sanctions and penalties as stated in canon 10 – 12 “Only those laws must be considered invalidating or disqualifying which expressly establish that an act is null or that a person is unqualified.” Therefore, the rule must be in the strict sense to all baptized, they are to live by the patrimony of the society of the Apostolic life without changing the patrimony neither the contrary. The revelations and the encounters of real life events are abrogated and decorated from the canonical policy and procedures of the code of canon law of the Mother Church, the Scripture, the sound Tradition of the Fathers of the Church, Desert Fathers and life of the acidious devotion to the Blessed Sacraments. This constitution is to be the life of the male members of this pius society which intent to become an Apostolic Life according to the will of the Church and the grace of God. The Society members are to be modeling their life in conformity with Mary Mother of Mercy and Compassion. The rule is the signs of the events, encounters and directions of the Holy Spirit. The Jesolites are to live a meritorious life of the soteriological life of salvation that exhibit the reality of human spirit field life through the hypostatic union. The Jesolites live daily in examination of conscience through daily example, simplicity, evangelical council and as a soul supplier in the missionary action of the Church. We are to zero in our acquired right and privilege right in promoting the mission of the Church as Christian Faithful and in uniting all religion as Christ prayed in John 17:11.

The Jesolites is to humble themselves in serving the sick, the elderly and Eucharistic prayer for the intention for the sick, dying and honor our Lady Mary Mother of Mercy and Compassion, has been offering her perpetual help as she directs Jesolites to imitate as we gaze upon Christ and to Contemplate this very life of “Do as I have Done.” In another hand, Philip asked Jesus, show us the Father, Jesus replied, I’am the Way, the Truth and The Life……”. Therefore, Jesolites shall follow the footstep of Jesus in union with Mary Mother of Mercy and Compassion as we gaze, contemplate, and imitate Christ in a compassionate way and merciful manner expresses towards the people of God and humanity at large. Major priority is the people we serve, for the Son of man has no place to lay down His head. Jesolites ought to believe this rule as a way of life in order to understand the very sacramental life of the Jesolites, in order to signify what it symbolizes as real Jesolites who gaze, contemplate and imitate Jesus the Savior. To believe this rule as a way of life is to extract the illuminacious knowledge of faith that seeks understanding. It appeals to the authority of the Scripture, the tradition, the sacraments, and philosophical principles etc. as its sources.



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