• 22D, 4TH AVENUE, 2193, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Its’ reputation derives from its informal yet exceptional staff whose knowledge of the menu and all facets of the restaurant make for a refreshingly reassuring dining experience. Bottega’s unassuming yet luscious food speaks for itself and the highly interactive approach of management and indeed Saverio himself keep the regulars coming back for more. The clientele frequenting Bottega is of a highly influential level both in the public eye as well as the business world and this, along with the passionate approach that Bottega brings to the restaurant industry, makes this eatery both trendy and the new ‘place-to-be-seen’. It does not stop there however. Recently opened next door is a new concept on the Parkhurst strip. An authentic barber shop (encapsulating the antique nature of the suburb) is the next building block in Saverio’s empire. “Roma-Paris” was first established in Braamfontein 43 years ago with a migration and revival occurring over the past few months and finally, “Roma Paris” graces Parkhurst with its prescence. Quintessentially man, one can enjoy a traditional shave using original cutthroat razor methods coupled with a haircut minus the electric version of the old-style scissors. All of this while watching the game on one of the numerous plasma screens, enjoying a fine cedar wood-infused cigar or browsing the exceptional selection of single malts on sale. Even more to get excited about is the opening of a second Bottega in Fourways Crossing in mid-May 2008. This day-only little brother of the original (which incorporates its own bakery) has taken the same enthusiasm and flair that so many people have experienced in Parkhurst, further north and continues to evoke the same response there that it did nearly two years ago at its original location.

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22D, 4TH AVENUE, 2193, Johannesburg, South Africa



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